Best of JavaScript Weekly Rankings

Number 1 this week, Carlo is a project that lets Node.js take control of a locally installed Chrome browser.

It reminds the scope of Electron and NW.js projects but it’s built on top of Puppeteer and it focuses on productivity rather than on branding features for desktop applications.

Examples in the repository show how to display in the browser information related to the system (OS, battery…).

Basically with Carlo developers can provide a visual interface, using web technologies, for things that are usually controlled from the command line.

We can expect projects like scaffolding tools or test runners that will take advantage of this new “Headful Note app framework”.

+1.8 k
Web rendering surface for Node applications
Eva icons
Eva icons
+1.6 k
A pack of more than 480 beautifully crafted Open Source icons. SVG, Sketch, Web Font and Animations support.
33 JS Concepts
33 JS Concepts
+1.3 k
📜 33 concepts every JavaScript developer should know.
+1.2 k
Spectre.css - A Lightweight, Responsive and Modern CSS Framework
30 seconds of code
30 seconds of code
Curated collection of useful JavaScript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.
🖖 A progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.
A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
A modern reverse proxy for node
Javascript audio library for the modern web.
Bring charts to terminal.

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#DateTOP 3 projects
24November 11, 2018Carlo, Eva icons, 33 JS Concepts
23November 04, 201833 JS Concepts, howler.js, The Platform
22October 28, 201833 JS Concepts, Omi, 30 seconds of code
21October 21, 2018Evergreen, Omi, 30 seconds of code
20October 14, 201830 seconds of code, Walt, tiptap
19October 07, 201830 seconds of code, Trix, Create React App
18September 29, 201830 seconds of code, Trix, Eagle.js
17September 23, 2018GrapeJS, Day.js, Vue.js
16September 15, 2018WatermelonDB, Pigeon Maps, Ky
15September 08, 2018Ky, Guess.js, F2
14September 01, 2018Puppeteer Recorder, F2, Vue.js
13August 26, 2018JS Algorithms & Data Structures, Puppeteer Recorder, Vue.js
12August 19, 2018React Move, JS Algorithms & Data Structures, Day.js
11August 12, 2018Pts, JS Algorithms & Data Structures, ApexCharts
10August 05, 2018mdx-deck, JS Algorithms & Data Structures, ApexCharts
9July 28, 2018ndb, Evergreen, JS Algorithms & Data Structures
8July 22, 2018JS Algorithms & Data Structures, Vue.js, Rogue
7July 15, 2018Vue.js, React, JS Algorithms & Data Structures
6July 07, 2018Canner, JS Algorithms & Data Structures, Vue.js
5June 30, 2018Vue.js, JS Algorithms & Data Structures, React
4June 24, 2018Vue.js, React, Polly.JS
3June 17, 2018Vue.js, React, deno
2June 10, 2018deno, JS Algorithms & Data Structures, VS Code
1June 03, 2018JS Algorithms & Data Structures, wired-elements, Vuido